Model H2

Model H2

More amps

 Here are some new amps that I am very happy with! The wooden cab model I built the chassis and Zack put it in his own cab. Nice job! The amp is a 4-EL84 model with 2 channels and 40watts, Modeled after a Matchless CZ30.  The Reverb Unit is made using a Fender 6G15 schematic. Has a long 2-spring reverb tank and sounds really cool!! The reverb unit is point to point wired and has 3 tubes. 

This amp has 2-6BQ5's and volume and gain controls. Tons of volume and tone! 

 This amp head is 22 watts and 2 channels. This is a high gain and powerfull amp. The last knob on the right is a master volume that pulls on. Plenty of tone options here!! OH Yeah!! The brown is real leather! Too COOL!!

This is the BK DELUXE 2-6L6's and Reverb!! Killer!! This one has a Jensen Neo 12in. speaker.

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