Model H2

Model H2

Custom Tube Guitar Amps

These amps are built one at a time in my shop. I fold the chassis and build from scratch. The cabs are finger jointed pine. Grill cloth is vintage ox blood. The transformers are Custom made in Grand Haven,MI which is close to home!The cost will vary on the quality of capacitors the customer wants.  Prices start at $700.00.

Also pictured here is the Hullovit 17. 2-6BQ5's designed on a Hammond organ chassis.Has a unique overdrive that I label "OUCH". This is a very versatile amp, very pedal friendly. The speaker of choice is the Jensen C12N.I love the way this speaker handles overdrive.Any speaker can be used,there are plenty of good speakers on the market these days.Again,choice is cost reflective.

I just finished a DC30 clone and it rocks!! Email me at and ask more about it!!

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